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Curious timing for missile attacks against Syria. Was Trump covering up UK’s guilt?

Very convenient timing for the US, France, and UK to attack Damascus, Syria.

Was Trump’s Friday night attack on Syria a cover up for the UK’s chemical weapons false flag in Douma?

The Chairman of the United States Army Joint Chiefs of Staff General Joseph Dunford confirmed that the last nights’ airstrikes that hit three facilities in Syria that the US claims are part of its chemical weapons program.

According to RT, one of the targets was a scientific research center in the greater Damascus area, Dunford said. The second was “a chemical weapons storage facility” in the vicinity of Homs, which, according to Dunford, housed sarin and chemical weapons precursors. The third target was also located near Homs and was identified by the general as a Syrian Army command post and storage facility.

The US military action in Syria was “a one time shot,” US Defence Secretary James Mattis said during a Pentagon press briefing, adding that he doesn’t rule out further action by the US if the Syrian government decides to mount chemical weapons attacks in the future.

Zerohedge summarized last nights events…

  • Around 9pm ET on Friday, April 13, the US, UK and France launched attack on Syrian regime targets
  • Strikes targeted regime bases and chemical weapon production facilities in Damascus and Homs
  • The Strikes consisted of 3 waves of attacks and are now complete
  • Russia was not pre-notified about tonight’s “kinetic activity”
  • Double the number of weapons was used compared to last year’s Syria strike, when 59 Tomahawk missiles were launched.
  • Regime and Russia condemn what they call a ‘flagrant violation’, but have not retaliated so far.

The Organization for the Prevention of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) Fact-Finding Mission (FFM) was set to start its investigation into the alleged chemical attack in the Syrian town of Duma on Saturday, a fact finding mission that Syria and Russia spearheaded.

Why would Trump and his UK partners launch a missile strike so close to Douma hours before the OPCW was set to start their investigation into the chemical weapons false flag?

Last week the The Duran reported that for the first time the OPCW will be able to investigate an area not under the control of jihadists, but under the control of the Syrian government. This effectively means that a real opportunity exists to conduct a thorough and comprehensive investigation, unimpeded by terrorist head choppers…

Here is what The Duran reported last week…

As a result of the total surrender of the Jihadis previously in control of Douma on Sunday, it is the Russian military who this time are in control of the alleged crime scene.

This has put the Russians in a position where for the first time they are able both to invite the OPCW inspectors to attend the crime scene and to provide them with protection if they are there, whilst at the same time monitoring and supervising their work.

If the chemical attack on Douma really is fictitious – as the Russians insist it is – then for the first time their control of the crime scene puts the Russians in a strong position to prove it.

The point was made forcefully by Russia’s UN ambassador Vassily Nebenzia at the UN Security Council session today, and it also received indirect backing from the UN Secretariat, who admitted that they could not confirm that a chemical weapons attack had happened, and who called upon all sides to show restraint until a proper investigation of the incident had taken place.

Nebenzia followed this up by inviting OPCW inspectors to the scene as early as tomorrow Tuesday.

By now it should surprise no-one that the fact that the Russians are in control of the crime scene and may on this occasion be able to prove conclusively that no chemical weapons attack happened in Douma, instead of deterring a US attack, is actually making it more likely.

This is because the credibility of the various ‘witnesses’ to the Douma attack – who are of course the same witnesses who were previously ‘witnesses’ to the 2013 East Ghouta and the 2017 Khan Sheikhoun attacks – is now on the line, as is the credibility of those Western governments – first and foremost the US government – who believed or who pretended to believe them.

I would add that not only is the credibility of the US government and of other Western governments on the line. So is the credibility of Western journalists who also believed or pretended to believe the ‘witnesses’.

Yesterday Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov and the Russian Military of Defense released damning evidence that implicates the UK as having instigated the false flag in Douma, Syria.

Here is what The Duran reported

During a briefing on Friday, the Russian Ministry of Defense has brought forward proof that the entire chemical attack in Syria was a complete farce, staged, and false. According to RT, it levied accusations that London pressured the perpetrators of the false flag to “speed up” the provocation.

The Russian Defense Ministry interviewed two medical professionals in the only operating hospital in Douma, the site of the false flag near the Syrian capital of Damascus. Unlike the Western accounts, which rely on anonymous sources, the Russian Defense Ministry has interviewed actual Syrians medical professionals, who have gone on record.

The fact that the Syrian medical professionals came on public record in the Russian evidence is key. All too often, Western evidence levied against Russia, Syria, or whomever the West does not like, is based on “anonymous sources”.

The idea that anonymous testimony, of unknown people can be used as damning evidence is an insult to Common Law established since classical antiquity, which required witnesses to come forward to crimes. This is why “bearing false witness” was considered such a Sin in history, however in these cases, it’s hard to hold anyone accountable when all the sources are anonymous.

Worse, in this situation, a key aspect of the “evidence”, for this false flag, rests not only on “anonymous sources”, but on photos and video from the infamous White Helmets. While they claim to rescue people altruistically in Syria, it is well known to Syrians that they align themselves with terrorists. Even more disturbing, anti-Assad supporters have been captured on video in times past training children to fake chemical attacks.

As Russia accuses the UK of supporting those who staged the false flag, the White Helmets just so happened to be funded by…you guessed it…the UK.

Immediately after the Russian government presents damning evidence, with named witnesses, that the UK government was an actor in staging the Syrian chemical weapons attack, Trump and his British “partners” launch missiles towards Damascus.

Mattis said in his statement last night…”that he doesn’t rule out further action by the US if the Syrian government decides to mount chemical weapons attacks in the future.”

Is this the US Deep State signaling their UK partners and jihadist funded terrorists on the ground in Syria, that another chemical weapons false flag may be needed in order to fully cover their tracks?

Finally, no one has questioned the close timing between the Skripal poisoning false flag (also attributed to “chemical weapons”) and the Syrian “chemical weapons” false flag…in the middle of both chemical weapons incidents is the Theresa May government.

The curious timing of Trump’s Damascus missile strike hours before OPCW inspectors begin their investigation in an area that is safe from jihadists, was not lost on The Young Turks’ host Cenk Uygur, who in the video below also finds the timing of the missile strike curiously convenient.

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