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Crisis management and media collusion within ONE MINUTE of news breaking about Clinton-Lynch tarmac meeting

How quickly the Clinton machine can spring into action to cover up their crimes is stunning.

The now infamous, underreported, meeting that took place on an Arizona airport tarmac between then AG Lynch and Bill Clinton, days before an FBI investigation into Hillary’s email investigation came to a conclusion, refuses to go away…much to the dismay of Clinton and her liberal left mainstream media disciples.

The below timeline highlights the speed at which the liberal left initiates its crisis management brigade, and the deep level of collusion between Clinton’s and the mainstream media.

Via The Gateway Pundit

Sekulow pointed out that upper level crisis management stepped in and responded to an email inquiry within ONE MINUTE of the news breaking that Loretta Lynch and Bill Clinton met on the Phoenix tarmac in June of 2016. The internal panic is very telling. The Obama administration along with Lynch and Comey were doing everything they could to get this under control by creating talking points to deceive the public.

Jay Sekulow also found an email directly connecting the Obama White House to the AG Lynch scandal. This is an incredible discovery by Sekulow and his team as they uncover more lies about this tarmac meeting.

Below is a timeline breakdown of the first 30 minutes of the news breaking over the Clinton-Lynch tarmac meeting via the lawyers at ACLJ. Crisis management stepped in and responded within ONE MINUTE of the email inquiry about the meeting. The first email was sent at 1:14 PM, the response was at 1:15 PM. The full breakdown can be read here.

The full document production, including the still redacted talking points can be found here.

June 28, 2016

Email Chain: “Bill Clinton meeting?”

1:14pm – Mike Levine (ABC News) to Melanie Newman (Director of DOJ Office for Public Affairs) (OPA) [0001] [0099] [0104] [0107] [0111] [0116]
Content: “Hey guys, wanted to address something ASAP…Apparently our affiliate in Phoenix is hearing that the AG met with Bill Clinton on a plane last night for close to an hour. They seem to think it’s somehow connected to the Benghazi report released today (“I’m not sure what the connection would be). But hoping I can provide them some guidance ASAP. Thanks.”
Context: First media request about Clinton/Lynch Meeting.

1:15pm – Newman (OPA) forwards ABC email to Carolyn Pokorny (Deputy Chief of Staff & Counselor to AG Lynch) (OAG) and Kevin Lewis (Press Secretary for DOJ to AG Lynch) (OPA) [0001] [0099] [0104] [0107] [0111] [0115]
Content: “We need to talk. I’m on cell (redacted (b)(6))”
Context: Based on the time zone, Pokorny and Lewis appear to have been with the AG.
Note: Email Sent to senior OAG Officials within 1 min of story breaking.

1:16pm (10:15 AM PST) – Pokorny (OAG) to Newman (OPA). [0099] [0103] [0106] [0111] [0115]
Content: “+Matt. I’m free. I will get a conference line.”
Note: Within 2 min, Matthew Axlerod (ODAG), the Principal Associate Deputy Attorney General (#2 to DAG Yates), was added to the conversation. His current bio states that he “took the lead in advising on crisis management within the DOJ, working closely with the White House, Congress, the FBI, and the media on DOJ’s most sensitive and high-profile matters.”

1:17pm – Newman (OPA) to Levine (ABC) [0001]
Content: “What’s your number?”

1:17PM – Pokorny (OAG) Emails [0103] [0106] [0110] [0115]
Content: “Dial-in: (Redacted (b)(6)). Passcode: (Redacted (b)(6)).”

1:18pm: – Lewis (OPA) Emails [0001] [0099]
Content: “+SF and Uma”
Context: This denotes that at this time, Shirlethia Franklin (Deputy Chief of Staff & Counselor to AG Lynch) (OAG) and Uma Amuluru (Counselor to the AG) (OAG) were added to the conversation.

1:20PM – Shirlethia Franklin (OAG) to Lewis (OPA) ccing Pokorny (OAG), Newman (OPA), Mathew Axelrod (Associate Deputy AG to AG Sally Yates) (ODAG), and Amuluru (OAG) [0099]
Content: “I can step out and hop on a call. Is there a conference line?”

1:24pm: – Levine (ABC) emails Newman (OPA) [0002]
Content: “Are you in your office? I can [come] by in like 15 or so.”

1:25PM – Lewis (OPA) Emails [0103] [0110]
Content: “I need to stay at the event right now because press is here. The press avail starts in about 40 minutes.”

1:25PM – Franklin (OAG) Emails [0103] [0106] [0110] [0114]
Content: “Kevin – I’ll fill you in. Shirlethia.”

1:26PM – Amuluru (OAG) to Franklin (OAG) ccing Lewis (OPA), Newman (OPA), Pokorny (OAG), Axelrod (ODAG) [0103] [0106] [0110] [0114]
Content: “Same”

1:29pm: – Newman (OPA) to Levine (ABC) [0002]
Content: “I’m not but heading back. I’ll call you.”

1:32PM: Levine (ABC) to Newman (OPA) [0002]
Content: “Sounds good thx.

1:44PM – Newman (OPA) Emails [0102] [0105] [0109] [0114]
Content: “Adding Peter to this chain for review. Peter – feel free to call me to discuss. 202-305-1920. Draft Statement: (Redacted(b)(5))”

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