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‘Crimea would rather be with Russia than with Ukraine,’ Donald Trump tells George Stephanopoulos [Video]

Any other politician would have backtracked after the liberal, progressive, war hungry media started to attack Trump on his imaginary relationship with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

But not Donald Trump.

In what is sure to be another bombshell interview, for which liberals and neocons will go ballistic in anger, Trump showed more signs on taking an even more realpolitik approach towards Russia, and the US colony of Ukraine.

In what was a cleverly designed distraction from the Democratic party hacked emails, which show a fake election rigged to favor Hillary Clinton, the Russia/Putin narrative is once again the focus of debate, rather than more Clinton cheating and lying.

Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump said Crimeans want to be with Russia rather than Ukraine.

Speaking to one-time Clinton advisor George Stephanopoulos from ABC News , Trump dared to speak of unspeakable things when asked about Crimea, Ukraine and Russia…

The people of Crimea, from what I’ve heard, would rather be with Russia than where they were [Ukraine]. And you have to look at that also.”

“And as far as Ukraine is concerned, it’s a mess.”

And having a good relationship [maybe] with Russia is a good thing, not a bad thing.”

Trump also said he was “going to take a look at” the option of recognizing Crimea as part of Russia.

Stephanopoulos continued to press Trump on the Russia issue, as one would expect from the ultimate Clinton insider.

More of the interview below, as Stephanopoulos desperately tries to reinforce the Hillary narrative of a Trump/Putin collaboration aimed at destroying America…which is about as ridiculous an idea as the “Russia will invade Estonia” story that liberal media, including the NYT, is floating around.

STEPHANOPOULOS: Let’s talk about Russia. You made a lot of headlines with Russia this week. What exactly is your relationship with Putin?

TRUMP: I have no relationship with Putin. I have no relationship with Putin.

STEPHANOPOULOS: But if you have no relationship with Putin, then why did you say, in 2013, “I do have a relationship,” in 2014.

TRUMP: Because he has said nice things about me over the years. I remember years ago, he said something, many years ago, he said something very nice about me. I said something good about him when Larry King was on. This was a long time ago. And I said, “He is a tough cookie,” or something to that effect. He said something nice about me. This has been going on. We did 60 Minutes together, by the way, not together together, meaning he was probably shot in Moscow.

STEPHANOPOULOS: Well, he was in Moscow.

TRUMP: –and I was shot in New York.

STEPHANOPOULOS: You were in New York. But that’s the thing.

TRUMP: No, just so you understand, he said very nice things about me. But I have no relationship with him. I don’t– I’ve never met him–

STEPHANOPOULOS: Yet, you said, for three years, ’13, ’14, and ’15, that you did have a relationship with him.

TRUMP: I had– no, I– look. What– what do you call a relationship? I mean, he treats me-

STEPHANOPOULOS: I’m asking you.

TRUMP: -with great respect. I have no relationship with Putin. I don’t think I’ve ever met him. I never met him. I don’t think I’ve ever met him.

STEPHANOPOULOS: You would know it if you did, wouldn’t you.

TRUMP: I think so. Yeah, I think so. So I’ve– I don’t think I’ve ever met him. I mean, if he’s in the same room or something, but I don’t think so.

STEPHANOPOULOS: Never spoken to him on the phone?

TRUMP: I’ve been in Moscow. I didn’t meet him in Moscow. Where?

STEPHANOPOULOS: Never spoken to him on the phone?

TRUMP: I have never spoken to him on the phone, no. I’ve spoken– when we had the Miss Universe contest a number of years ago, we had Miss Universe in Moscow, in the Moscow area. He was invited. He wanted to come. He wasn’t able to come. That would’ve been a time when I would’ve met him.

STEPHANOPOULOS: But I just wanna clear this up. Because you did say, on three different occasions, you had a relationship with him. Now you say there’s none.

TRUMP: Well, I don’t know what it means by having a relationship. I mean, he was saying very good things about me. But I don’t have a relationship with him. I didn’t meet him. I haven’t spent time with him. I didn’t have dinner with him. I didn’t go hiking with him. I don’t know. I wouldn’t know him from Adam except I see his picture, and I would know what he looks like.

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