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CRAZY: Watch Hillary Clinton supporter, Coco Soodek, scream about a “Russian invasion” in Fox News interview

Coco is acting like one nutty, neo-liberal, Hillary Clinton surrogate.

This is what happens to a person when liberal political beliefs suddenly morph into an actual, full blown religion.

The Father is the State.

The Son is Barack Obama.

And the Holy Spirit is Hillary Clinton.

Satan has taken the form of Vladimir Putin…and Russia is his kingdom.

Radio talk show host Coco Soodek loses her mind in this exchange with Fox News Host Judge Jeanine Pirro.

Listen to Coco talk about a “Russian invasion”, a “Putin invasion” and Trump’s allegiance to the Kremlin…making President-elect Trump the ultimate Manchurian candidate.

This is one bat crazy argument that takes place in the video below, courtesy of the “church of neo-liberalism”…

“Putin cheated on his [Trump’s] behalf.”

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