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CORRUPTION: Clinton campaign moved DNC bank account from Washington to NY bank where Hillary’s account was located (Video)

Did Clinton break the law with ‘takeover’ of DNC?

Hillary Clinton’s had so much control over the DNC that she actually moved the DNC bank account to NY, to the same bank where Hillary’s account was located. Money laundering in broad daylight.

Tucker Carlson spoke with a campaign finance law expert who says the deal between the Clinton campaign and the DNC in August of 2015 – which essentially turned over control of the DNC to the Clinton campaign – was in violation of federal campaign finance law.

“They [Clinton Campaign] even moved the bank account of the DNC from Washington, where it had been for decades. I went back and looked and actually it was the same bank account when Donna Brazile was the chair back in around 2000.”

“They moved the bank account to the same bank in New York, where Hilary Clinton’s bank account was, and the treasurer of the joint fund raising committee that was set up between the DNC and the Hillary Campaign, was someone who was an employee of the Hillary Clinton Campaign.”

“It was control of the DNC with its hire limits by the Hillary Clinton Campaign.”

Meanwhile “Crooked” Hillary fired back at Donna Brazile Wednesday night in her appearance on Late Night with Seth Meyers. The Gateway Pundit reports…

To no one’s surprise, Crooked Hillary denied any wrongdoing and blasted Brazile.

Seth Meyers asked Devil Hillary about Donna Brazile’s recent accusations that she took control over the DNC and rigged the primaries against Bernie Sanders.

“I didn’t know what she was referring to because as has now come out that just wasn’t the case,” Hillary said.

Well that settles that. Because Hillary said she did nothing wrong, then she did nothing wrong.

Hillary also continued to jab Donna Brazile and praised the current DNC chair Tom Perez, giving him credit for recent Democrat victories…in blue states.

Hillary’s denial is just par for the course. She’s always the smartest person in the room until she is confronted or under oath then she suddenly can recall anything or ‘doesn’t know’ what’s going on.

Clinton’s camp also accused Donna Brazile of spreading Russian propaganda about Hillary’s health problems even though she had coughing fits, fainted and had seizures on camera.

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