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CONFIRMED: War criminal Tony Blair is plotting his return to UK politics

Tony Blair is back, and he is working to drag the UK way from Brexit, back into the EU, and who knows what more he has up his sleeve.

A source tells the Daily Mail that Tony Blair is ‘not impressed with Theresa May. He thinks she’s a total lightweight.’

The former PM is expected to meet Theresa May for a coffee in the next week.

The current PM is rumored to view Blair as part of an ‘unholy alliance’ of yesterday’s politicians who are trying to frustrate the Brexit process.

It has been confirmed that Blair has met former Chancellor George Osborne and other figures to discuss the Brexit process.

Blair will make an official announcement about his intentions in the New Year.

While Blair may be eyeing a return to the PM spot, his illegal war in Iraq hopefully assures the entire world that his latest attempt to step back into the political landscape falls flat on its face.

The Daily Mail UK reports further…

The former prime minister believes the Tories are ‘screwing up Brexit’ and views Jeremy Corbyn is ‘a nutter,’ according to a source who has spoken to Mr Blair.

He thinks there’s a ‘massive hole in British politics’ that he can fill. Mr Blair is setting up a new institute that will seek to influence and advise the Brexit process

Mr Blair has scouted out three potential venues close to Westminster to relocate his workforce of 130 staff, the Sunday Times reported today.


But the the strength of his intention to return to frontline politics was revealed last week when he met Donald Trump’s son in law Jared Kushner, a key member of the President-elect’s inner team.

Notably, Mr Blair has chosen to recruit former Labour MP Jim Murphy to advise him on how to merge his charity and business interests and to ‘bolster the political clout’ of his new Brexit-focused organisation.

It is a strange appointment considering Mr Murphy led Scottish Labour to its worst election performance in history as the party lost all but one of their MPs in Scotland under his leadership at last year’s General Election.

The two names being considered for his new group are the Tony Blair Institute for Global Change and the Tony Blair Centre for Global Change.

A spokesperson for Mr Blair said: ‘Tony Blair has already announced that he is bringing all staff under one roof. So yes the London staff will all come together in one location. It won’t be in Westminster, however.

‘The new organisation will be all Not For Profit, as we have announced, and the commercial side has been shut down. The assets of the business will be gifted to the new Not For Profit organisation.

‘Mr. Blair has not had ‘regular’ discussions with George Osborne regarding Brexit, though he has discussed it with him as he has with many people.

‘He does discuss the Middle East and aid with Government Ministers because he is still very active in the Middle East and Africa with his Not For Profit work. He hasn’t discussed Brexit with Government Ministers.

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