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CONFIRMED: U.S. tanks deployed in Germany

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Self-propelled Howitzers and hundreds of other armored fighting vehicles were landing on the shores of northern Germany. To those who had at least one eye on the news, it was like watching the US invasion at Normandy all over again. Over the last few days, some 2,800 pieces of military hardware and 4,000 troops have arrived at the port in Bremerhaven.

The delivery of US Abrams tanks, Paladin artillery, and Bradley fighting vehicles marks a new phase of America’s continuous presence in Europe, which will now be based on a nine-month rotation.

As I reported last week for The Duran, this build up of military hardware in Europe is augmented by the dozens of US special forces already stationed in the Baltics. Below is a report from CBS covering the recent deployment of American tanks in Germany that are scheduled to be shipped to Poland and then distributed across Eastern Europe right up to Russia’s border to prop up the false narrative of “Russian aggression.”

The Conservative Daily Post points out:

“After eight years of “do nothing” reckless policies to prop up national security, the Progressive’s “great one” is using his final days in office to alienate allies like Israel and the Philippines and antagonize Russian President Vladimir Putin. Meanwhile ISIS, North Korea and Iran go untouched by Obama, and the US’ porous border is like a welcome mat for every illegal immigrant and terrorist wishing to step through the wide open door to the US.

As CBS news reported last week, over 3,500 troops from the 4th Infantry Division in Fort Carson, CO will be deployed to operate the 87 tanks and 144 Bradley fighting vehicles. Joining the armored division will be a combat aviation battalion from Fort Drum, NY and Fort Bliss, TX with 84 attack helicopters and an additional 2,200 soldiers for a total of 5,700 troops; all to be aligned in countries along the Russian border.

What is Obama trying to do, start WWIII in the next two weeks?

Like the weak scrawny kid poking the biggest strongest bully to a playground fight, Obama continues to antagonize Putin with sanctions over the alleged Russian hacking, and has threatened a military attack against a superpower. Putin, however, doesn’t seem to be taking the bait, preferring to wait for the Trump administration to go fishing.

Putin has consistently outmaneuvered Obama diplomatically and militarily for years now. However, Putin, far more superior strategically than Obama, understands in two weeks he will not be facing a government leader who is weak and a panderer.

Both Trump and Putin know the real threats in the world; North Korea, Iran, ISIS and China. Though Putin is leaving the door open with China should things go sour with the US, he seems to be more willing to work with the Trump administration in forming a new superpower alliance. He and Trump have been in communication with each other and both have stated their willingness to “work together.”

Yet, that hasn’t stopped George Soros puppet Obama from doing as much damage to national and world security in his last few lame duck weeks. With this latest move, it is apparent the “anointed one” is trying to create as much chaos as possible.”

Operation Atlantic Resolve – as it is being called – is the newest phase in adding and keeping a US armored brigade on the European NATO front and will operate on a nine-month rotational basis. With its headquarters based in Germany, the brigade will first enter Poland and then disperse throughout seven countries from Estonia to Bulgaria; a military front much closer to the Kremlin in Moscow than was setup during the Cold War with the former USSR.

Since the announcement, Putin has had no choice but to counter the military move along Russia’s borders.


So who is the aggressor and who is only reacting to the aggression?

Great Britain will also be joining the military surge – sending fighter jets to the Black Sea and a battalion of troops, tanks and light armor to Estonia later in the spring. Those troops with be supported by French and Danish troops while Germany will be bolstering troops and sending tanks into Lithuania.

Other counties participating in the “Enhanced Forward Presence” are Canada, Romania, the Netherlands, Albania, Croatia, Belgium, Italy, Slovenia and Luxembourg. The US will also be relocating its Stryker Unit from Germany to Poland to join the vastly expanded military presence.


With this amount of saber rattling, Putin is countering this imminent threat to Russia, announcing plans to beef up the Russian military, having already moved forces to the border and will be updating its nuclear arsenal, along with anti-missile defenses.

Not since Ronald Reagan has there been such military buildups between the US and NATO against Russia.

Due to eight years of Obama’s reckless and dangerous actions, the Trump administration will be facing a tense and chaotic world on the brink of war due to Obama’s illogical actions to bring about the destruction of the US as a nation. Having perfected “the art of the deal,” Trump seems to be the key to maintaining world peace. The good news is that most in the media are not falling for the fiction of “Russian aggression,” and most Americans who voted for Donald Trump – like myself – voted for peace.

As many have said before – January 20th cannot come soon enough.


The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of this site. This site does not give financial, investment or medical advice.

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