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CNN’s Jim Acosta cries about Trump ignoring him. Gets destroyed on twitter for whining

Jim Acosta throws a twitter tantrum after CNN is ignored at White House briefing.

Poor Jim Acosta. The CNN White House correspondent, and hero for snowflakes across the USA, is being ignored by Trump and his staff.

Acosta took to twitter to cry about the WH snub. Bad move to whine on twitter. Acosta was easily demolished by social media users.

Via The Gateway Pundit

CNN’s Jim Acosta, who is known for his rude outbursts and tantrums, complained that CNN was ignored at Thursday’s White House briefing.

Jim Acosta should be removed from the White House press pool as he has disrespected President Trump many times and continually interrupts people during press briefings.

After a White House press briefing, Jim Acosta tweeted…

“Shocker! WH back to playing games and refusing to call on CNN at WH briefing.”

Trump supporters took to twitter to easily destroy CNN and Acosta (courtesyThe Gateway Pundit)…

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AM Hants
AM Hants
August 25, 2017

How come they are seriously precious over at CNN? Didn’t Dom Lemon have a meltdown, because people came out to see their President, earlier in the week? There again if I was meant to pass this off as professional, genuine, investigative journalism, I would also be crying. The North Korean spies Ukraine caught stealing missile plans By Nick Paton Walsh, Victoria Butenko and Barbara Arvanitidis, CNN Updated 2050 GMT (0450 HKT) August 24, 2017 Zhytomyr, Ukraine (CNN)The images are a little grainy, but in the half-light of a dusty Ukrainian garage, you can sense the unbridled enthusiasm of the two… Read more »

samo war
samo war
August 25, 2017

cnn is mafia system ?

CIA colludes with Congress to brand Wikileaks a “hostile non-state intelligence agency”

Man behind the Trump Dossier is being called to a US court to testify