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CNN reporter let’s it slip, “All we talk about at CNN is Russia” (Video)

CNN reporter let’s it slip, “All we talk about at CNN is Russia” (Video)

CNN’s Maeve Reston admitted on air that ‘all we talk about at CNN is Russia, and voters don’t care’ about the issue.

For nearly two years CNN has been reporting on Russia non-stop, and finally, one reporter has realized that it’s simply getting old and ridiculous.

Maeve Reston, a national politics reporter at CNN, said on “Inside Politics”…

“I’m so interested to see how the Russia investigation affects things, because so far, out in these districts when you talk to people about Russia, and that’s all we talk about at CNN basically, they say they don’t care.”

“It doesn’t have any effect on their lives.”

Via Daily Caller

CNN, along with MSNBC, have focused heavily on the Russia investigations being conducted by Special Counsel Robert Mueller and three congressional committees.

Democratic lawmakers appear frequently on both networks to push the idea that the Trump campaign colluded with the Russian government. The network also frequently interviews contributors and analysts who speculate about possible collusion, though none have offered proof that it actually occurred.

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Reston also said on Sunday that in her interviews with voters, she has seen growing confidence in the economy during President Trump’s first year in office.

“You are starting to see that uneasiness about the economy sort of dissipate,” she said.

“Remember, even in 2016 when we went out to these swing states and talked to voters, there was still this fear that things were suddenly going to turn down again.”

“You don’t feel that as much anymore.”

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