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CNN host Don Lemon destroyed by Secret Service agent over Donald Trump’s 2nd amendment speech [Video]

Secret Service agent Dan Bongino called the media’s excessive commenting on Donald Trump’s recent second amendment speech “comical”. Liberal progressive host Don Lemon was quick to side with Hillary and sound the alarm bells, that Donald Trump is calling on NRA card holders to take out Clinton.

Dan Bongino found this narrative ridiculous, interpreting Trumps’ comments as nothing more than a call to all NRA supporters to get out the vote against Hillary.

Lost in the latest media Trump bashing, is the fact that just the other day CNN host and Hillary supporter Bob Beckel openly called for the assassination of Julian Assange, while former CIA deputy director and necon Hillary supporter Michael Morell, told Charlie Rose that the US should assassinate Syrian, Iranian and Russian officials.

Of course these overt and detailed calls to murder people was barely reported in the main stream news. Maybe that has something to do with the fact that the death calls came from Hillary surrogates.

BPR has more on the hearted exchange between Lemon and Bongino…

Things got real personal Tuesday night between CNN’s Don Lemon and former Secret Service agent Dan Bongino while discussing Donald Trump’s much maligned comment on Second Amendment supporters possibly stopping rival Hillary Clinton.

Perhaps Lemon took exception to Bongino summarizing the hyperventilating on the left as being “in the comical realm.”

Either way, Bongino correctly labeled the charge that Trump was somehow calling for the assassination of Clinton as “absurd” while explaining his point of view.

Throwing any pretense of neutrality out the window, Lemon clearly did not agree with that point of view.

“What you’re saying right now makes no sense!” the CNN host charged. “I’m sitting at home, I’m watching Donald Trump. I have two ears and I have two eyes and I can see the reactions… We’re not stupid!”

“You should be ashamed of yourself!” Lemon added.

“I’m ashamed that you’re talking to me as if I’m a child!” his guest fired back, as the two began going at one another.

“You don’t know crap about this, Don! You’re a TV guy!” Bongino said. “I was a Secret Service Agent! Now cut off my mic! Do what you wanna do!”

Lemon countered by telling Bongino he was “lying to the American people,” prompting Bongino to again correctly label the left’s reaction as “nonsense.”


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