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CNN’s Chris Cuomo hates being called ‘fake news’ (VIDEO)

CNN’s Chris Cuomo hates being called ‘fake news’ (VIDEO)

More and more people are beginning to realize how terrible, inaccurate, and fake CNN is, that the network and it’s personalities are pulling out all the stops to try and deflect any of the well-deserved criticism. And in expected liberal fashion, Chris Cuomo resorts to race baiting to distract sensitive viewers from CNN’s plummeting numbers.

Listen below as Cuomo proclaims that calling a journalist (CNN) is the same as calling someone black, the n-word (Yes, he actually said that.) But Cuomo isn’t new to these types of disgusting tactics of distracting viewers from the facts. In an interview from July 2014, The Duran’s Peter Lavelle used facts and common sense to completely shut down Cuomo.

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