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CNN harasses lady outside her home in Florida, accusing her of helping Russian bots (Video)

CNN shows up at lady’s home to harass her about “Russian Collusion”

CNN is now stalking private citizens.

CNN sent a reporter to the home of an lady in Florida to harass her about ‘Russian collusion’ and even insinuate that she is a supporter of Russian trolls and bots.

The madness over fake “Russian troll” hysteria is reaching ridiculous and disgusting levels.

CNN has obviously lost its mind and crossed a very big red line by harassing private citizens and accusing them of being Russian troll supporters. Mark Dice demolishes Fake News CNN…

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February 21, 2018

Well, this Trump Derangement Syndrome has reached epidemic proportions. And CNN is doing its best to spread it.

Russia, CIS intelligence black ops took down 99 terrorists in 2017

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