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CNN grows a conscience, reports on flourishing slave trade in Libya (Video)

Libya was Hillary Clinton’s war, now it’s a slave trade haven.

Before the Obama White House, and Hillary Clinton State Department got involved in Libya, the African nation was stable and of no strategic threat to the United States or its allies.

Obama, Hillary and NATO toppled the Gaddafi government, as videos of the leaders body (carted through the streets on the hood of a pickup) were posted throughout the internet.

Today Libya is a failed state, a country in shambles, with black Africans now being sold in slave markets. The government has no control over half of the country, and ISIS has created a stronghold after the collapse of the Islamic State in Syria-Iraq.

Who will ever forget Hillary’s giddy, “we came, we saw, he died” statement to CBS News, after she murdered Gaddafi.

The Duran reported on October 2016…

In 2011 Libya was the wealthiest state in Africa whose citizens enjoyed the highest living standards in African history. Libya stood as an example not only to the rest of Africa but also the Arab world, many of whose leaders resented Gaddafi’s success, his policy making independence, his ability to combine Islamic tradition with secular realities and his good treatment of non-Arab, black Africans.

But few nations get bombed and have their leader executed purely because of internal peace and prosperity. Hillary Clinton had greater ambitions for Libya. As many knew at the time and as we all know now thanks to Wikileaks, Hillary Clinton was enraged that Gaddafi was on the verge of creating a gold-backed African Dinar which would have replaced the US Dollar as Libya’s main trading currency. The idea was to use Africa’s natural resources to break free from the shackles of Dollar dependence. That would not do for Hillary Clinton.

CNN reports on the catastrophe that is post-Obama/post-Hillary Libya…

A new CNN investigation has uncovered a network of slave markets operating in warehouses in various cities across Libya six years after NATO-led intervention in the country toppled the government of Muammar Gaddafi in support of US and UK backed rebels. And not only did CNN confirm the presence of slave auctions where human beings are being sold for as little as $400 in “liberated” Libyabut CNN’s crew was actually able to film a live auction in progress, while also gathering the testimonies of multiple victims.

Though CNN’s footage and accompanying report is shocking, such practices have been quietly documented for years, and clear warnings were issued starting in early 2011 that Libya’s black as well as migrant population would be the first to fall victim at the hands of the Islamist Libyan rebels that NATO’s war empowered.

The Gateway Pundit adds…

 An estimated 40.3 million people were victims of modern slavery in 2016. In Libya the slave market has grown after the collapse of the regime.

Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton created the conditions that allow for a thriving slave market in Libya today.

It’s not likely the media will ever make the connection.

In April 7, 2011, CNN reported that Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi urged U.S. President Barack Obama to end the NATO bombing of his war-torn country.

Gadhafi made the appeal in a letter to the American president, a senior administration official said.

But the official said there was “nothing new” in the letter, the thrust of which was an appeal for an end to the alliance’s air operations. It contained no offers to negotiate or step down, and the official said the administration isn’t taking the note seriously.

Gadhafi asked Obama to stop the “unjust war against a small people of a developing country” and said those in the opposition are terrorists and members of al Qaeda, the official said.

“We have been hurt more morally than physically because of what had happened against us in both deeds and words by you,” Gadhafi wrote, according to the official. “Despite all this you will always remain our son.”

The strongman expressed hope that Obama wins re-election next year, the official added. And he wrote that a democratic society cannot be built through missiles and aircraft.

“You are a man who has enough courage to annul a wrong and mistaken action,” the leader wrote to the president.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said the NATO strikes will stop when Gadhafi steps down and leaves the country.

“I don’t think there is any mystery about what is expected from Mr. Gadhafi at this time,” Clinton said.

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