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CNN destroyed by twitter users after trying to troll RT (Video)

CNN tries to troll RT and instead gets immediately owned.

CNN’s Jake Tapper tried to troll RT with the tweet below, which is reality is a veiled effort to do the bidding of his corporatist masters by trying to connect the Alt-Right to Russia.

The irony in Tapper’s tweets (aside from what Jimmy Dore points out) is that RT America is actually much more progressive and left of center than CNN could ever claim to be.

Then we have all of the documented fake news and war mongering that CNN has historically supported from Iraq to Libya, Syria to an “alt-right” coup in Ukraine.

Tapper makes a fool of himself, citing a tweet from Michael Weiss, a Russia hating, new breed of hipster neocons being trotted out to make war cool to the millennial crowd.

Twitter users took issue with Tapper’s stupidity, giving their view of “CNN in a nutshell”…

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