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CNN calls Fox News dangerous propaganda (Video)

CNN’s Brian Stelter unhinged by Fox News’ reporting on Robert Mueller’s corrupt investigation.

According to The Gateway Pundit, CNN pretends to be down the middle while they are actually far left. They spend every waking moment attacking the Trump administration. Then they turn around and attack the one network that isn’t also attacking Trump every minute if every day – FOX News.

Liberal media CNN defending a special counsel investigation headed by a career Deep State official, while conservative Fox News is questioning the very same authenticity of said Deep State official’s investigation into the US president. The world has turned upside down.

Brian Stelter was unhinged in a classic case of projection. Mediaite reports…

CNN’s Stelter Goes Off on ‘Friends of Trump’ at Fox News: ‘Talking Like Propagandists’

CNN’s Brian Stelter opened this morning talking about Fox News’ coverage of the Robert Mueller probe in the last week and how the anti-FBI rhetoric has been seriously ratcheted up.

With the anti-Trump texts sent by FBI agents sent becoming a serious news item, reactions on Fox News have ranged from likening the FBI to the KGB and openly speculating about a “coup.”

Stelter said there is an “assault” on the Mueller investigation coming from both Fox and the White House, calling it a “feedback loop in action.”…

“I don’t say this lightly, but these FOTs––these Friends of Trump––they’re talking like propagandists. This sounds like propaganda and it sounds dangerous.”

Media analyst Mark Dice, destroys the liberal media, and exposes how desperate CNN has become to avert a Mueller investigation breakdown….

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