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Clinton Foundation cash emergency. No donations to slush fund now that favors cannot be delivered

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Perhaps the biggest hit Hillary Clinton got after she lost the US election to Donald Trump was having her side business, known as the Clinton Foundation, lose all its purpose.

Now that Hillary and Bill hold no power or sway in Washington, there is very little reason for any countries, corporations, or billionaires to donate any money to the Clinton Foundation.

The Clinton’s have no more services to sell of any value…and thus no one is buying into the foundation.

Philanthropy experts told CNBC

“Because neither Clinton will occupy a prominent role in government in the immediate future—curtailing the willingness of at least some big donors to try and curry favor with the foundation by writing large checks.” 

“Because Hillary Clinton is no longer seen as a president in waiting, contributors may look elsewhere and the foundation may have to rethink its scope and priorities.”

The Clinton Foundation refused to respond to numerous requests from CNBC for comment.

The Observer reports

It now appears that Norway, one of the most prolific foreign Clinton Foundation donors, is decreasing its annual donation from $20 million in 2015 to $4.2 million this year—a significant drop suggesting the foreign government had expected to receive benefits in return for its generous donation. Norway’s move also provides further evidence that the Foundation serves more as a front to sell access to the Clintons than as an organization focused on philanthropy. While the Foundation may have conducted some charitable work, its greater purpose has always been to boost the Clinton brand, market the Clintons on the highly paid speech circuit, and offer donors access to the Clintons and their prolific network of elite and corporate connections.

In 2015, IBTimes conducted an investigative report revealing foreign governments who gave large contributions to the Clinton Foundation—including Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Algeria, Oman, UAE and Bahrain—received exponential increases in U.S. weapons exports from the State Department while Hillary Clinton served as secretary of state.

Per the Foundation’s latest tax filings, contributions fell by 37 percent when Hillary Clinton announced her presidential campaign in 2015—and pay-to-play evidence first began to surface. Donations are expected to continue to tank as the market price for the Clintons has dropped significantly now that neither Bill nor Hillary faces the prospect of serving in public office.

According to The Daily Caller

Clinton Foundation officials were able to attract only five new donors between July 1 and September 30 — the controversial charity’s third quarter.

Foundation officials delayed release of the quarterly report of its latest donors on its website until the after the Nov. 8 presidential election, which former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton lost to Republican rival Donald Trump.

The low number of new donors may indicate potential contributors were frightened away by repeated news reports that the Clinton charity is under FBI investigation regarding multiple allegations of “pay-to-play” influence-peddling schemes involving both Hillary Clinton and former President Bill Clinton, as well as their key political aides.

Foundation donations are not the Clinton’s only problem.  Although President-elect Donald Trump recently said he would not pursue investigations into Clinton’s private email server or the Clinton Foundation…Head of the House Oversight Committee, Jason Chaffetz, and the FBI, will likely continue their investigations, uninterrupted.

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