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Clinton family henchman James Carville goes insane, says ‘KGB and Republicans’ are behind FBI investigation

The Clinton strategy is to discredit and mislead the entire public over their decades long crimes…and James Carville is the man that has hidden many of the Clinton crime family bodies.

Anyone who watches House of Cards will recognize James Carville as Doug Stamper, Frank Underwood’s (aka Bill Clinton) loyal henchman.

Carville loses his mind in this interview with MSNBC, stating that the House Republicans and the KGB are in cahoots to destroy America’s democracy..something Hillary Clinton has done a superbly with no help from any US or foreign agency.

James Carville tries to finger the ‘KGB’ over 10 times, followed by phrases such as ‘America’s democracy is under attack’…

“The KGB is all over this election.”

“This is an attempt to hijack an election.”

First, the KGB does not even exist, making Carville look like an complete nutcase every time he mentions the word ‘KGB’.

Second, not one US intelligence Agency has confirmed the Russian government or FSB was behind the hacking.

James Clapper (a man who committed perjury over NSA surveillance) said that Russia has the “methods and motivations” to commit such hacks. Of course they so, as does Israel, China, Germany, and (given the fact that the Clinton foundation was using gmail and yahoo mail), every 8-12 year old hacker.

We recommend Carville and MSNBC read The Duran’s Alexander Mercouris analysis of the Russian Hacker myth to understand what was, and what was not proven.

Carville was in full panic mood. At times during the interview it seemed as if Carville was about to break out in tears, as he witnesses his Clinton crime syndicate blow apart…

“Comey was acting in concert and coordination with the House Republicans.”

“We also have the extraordinary case of the KGB being involved in this race and selectively leaking things from the Clinton campaign that they hacked.”

“This is in effect an attempt to hijack an election.”

“It’s unprecedented…the House Republicans and the KGB are trying to influence our democracy.”

“This is an unprecedented event that was done on behalf of the House Republicans.”

“And as we know the KGB is all over this election and this is what we are talking about? We ought to be talking about our democracy is under assault right now and what we are going to do about it, not [what somebody said in July] about James Comey.”

Lifezette further adds

Apparently the fact that the Soviet security agency was disbanded in 1991 does not preclude its involvement in this vast, anti-Clinton conspiracy organized by the FBI, according to Carville. Poor Carville was clearly apoplectic at the news of Comey’s announcement, describing it as an assault or attack on American democracy multiple times.

Carville was very upset that Comey’s announcement thrust Clinton’s surely unethical and likely illegal behavior back into the spotlight. “It would seem to me that the FBI shouldn’t be getting rolled by the House Republicans, that’s what happened here — there’s nothing else that’s going on — and in the meantime … democracy is under assault by the KGB,” he said. “To me that’s something we ought to be talking about.”

Unfortunately for Carville, whilst fanciful tales about time-traveling Soviet spies and an FBI on the GOP’s take certainly make for interesting entertainment, they pale in importance to the real life stories of Clinton’s brazen lawlessness.

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