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“Clinton Cash” author exposes the real Russian collusion scandal (Video)

Peter Schweizer exposes the massive amount of corruption in Obama’s White House.

The Hill’s explosive story detailing how the FBI had uncovered a bribery network well in advance of the Obama administration’s approval of the Uranium One deal, leading to $145 million dollars ending up in the coffers of the Clinton Foundation, is being covered extensively by Fox News.

The Gateway Pundit points out that while millions of Americans are calling for a full scale investigation by Congress, and further reporting from the media concerning the Clinton-Uranium One deal, CNN and CBS News are covering what they think are the most pressing issues of the day — ‘Mike Pence’s adoring gaze at President Trump,’ and the ‘Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s workout plan.’

Tucker Carlson and “Clinton Cash” author, Peter Schweizer (the man who had Hillary’s slush fund Foundation figured out years in advance of The Hill’s investigative piece), discuss the corruption that plagued the Obama Administration and protected (and enriched) Bill and Hillary Clinton.

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