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Citizens chase down taxi driver who crashed into 6 pedestrians in Moscow (Video)

Moscow taxi driver loses control and accidentally drives into crowd.

Yesterday we got our first 2018 World Cup scare.

A Moscow taxi driver lost control of his car and drove his vehicle onto a crowded sidewalk near Red Square, injuring seven people, including two Mexican nationals who had come to Russia for the World Cup.

The accident occurred on the busy, city center Ilyinka Street, where tourists and locals were out celebrating the Russia 2018 World Cup.

Video footage of the crash shows a yellow cab accelerating out of its lane onto the sidewalk, where it ran into several pedestrians before crashing into a road sign. Six pedestrians were slightly injured, while one woman received medium injuries, according to authorities.

Here is the tragic accident caught on video, that at the moment is being blamed on the driver falling asleep at the wheel. The driver attempted to flee the site of the crash, with a angry crowd of 10-20 men chasing after him. It remains unclear whether local citizens apprehended the suspect, or if police got to him first.

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Via RT

“According to preliminary data, the crash occurred when the driver lost control of the car,” Moscow police said, after questioning the detained suspect and launching a criminal probe into the incident.

The man, who insists he had not driven into the crowd on purpose, had a Kyrgyz driving license and had worked as a taxi driver in Moscow for just about a month. According to sources familiar with the investigation, the driver was not drunk and claims he fled only because he was disoriented and scared. He reportedly said he was falling asleep after working all night, and had “accidentally” pressed the accelerator instead of brakes.

Photos of the man’s car, posted by the city’s traffic authority, showed it where it came to a halt, without its fender and straddling a fully-bent signpost.

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Alexander Paulsen
Alexander Paulsen

Drugged by the CIA and/or MI6 no doubt, toxicology tests need to be done.

AM Hants
AM Hants

Hope they have a straight forward and speedy recovery, plus, manage to get back to enjoying the ‘World Cup Carnival’.


I’m willing to buy into the notion that this was unintentional but for one reason. He manages to miss the car in front of him, yet fails to hit the brakes. If he is a jihadis, he will no doubt win the “how not to do it” award.

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