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Chief advisor to Turkish President Erdogan, threatens to break legs of Greek PM Tsipras (Video)

Turkish diplomacy in action…molon labe!

Once again we witness Erodgan’s diplomacy in action…lots of hot air, but very little to back it up.

As Turkey’s Sultan Dictator is tied up trying to extinguish the Kurdish threat in Syria and Iraq, which may lead to the break up of modern Turkey as we know it, it appears that Erodgan’s thuggish advisors find it wise to pick a fight with Greece over an island that was, is and alway will be Greek.

Zerohedge reports that Yigit Bulut, chief advisor to Turkish President Erdogan, has threatened Greece over the disputed islet of Imia in the Eastern Aegean Sea.

“Athens will face the wrath of Turkey worse than that in Afrin,” Bulut said in a Television show of a private network.

“We will break the arms and legs of officials, of the Prime Minister and any Minister, who dares to step on the Kardak/Imia islet in the Aegean,” he claimed.

Via Twitter…

Turkish president #Erdogan’s chief advisor Yigit Bulut threatens #Greece, says Athens will face the wrath of #Turkey worse than #Afrin offensive, vows to break arms & legs of officials, PM or any Minister, who dare to land on disputed Kardak/Imia islet in Aegean.

KeepTalkingGreece reports, that Bultu’s threats come just a couple of days after Defense Minister Panos Kammenos sailed to Imia and threw a wreath into the sea to honor the three fallen soldiers during the Imia conflict in 1996.

Ankara does not miss a chance to challenge Greece’s sovereignty in the islets and islands of the Aegean Sea, escalate tension around Imia, and risk an ugly incident that could bring the two neighboring countries at the verge of an armed conflict as two decades ago.

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