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Check out this bizarre video of a high school teacher pretending to shot President Trump in front of her students

File this video under pathetic, weird, and a bit disturbing. The video went viral.

On January 20, 2017, a public school teacher in Dallas, Texas, was recorded screaming, “DIE” as she fired a gun at a video projection of President Donald Trump as he was about to give his inaugural address.

The triggered teacher has been identified as Payal Modi.

I would not want this lady teaching my children.

The Dallas CBS local affiliate reports…

Some students at Adamson High School told CBS11, it was clear to them that this was meant as a joke, but threatening a president is no laughing matter and now school officials are investigating after putting the teacher on administrative leave.

Pointing what appears to be a water gun at the image of President Donald Trump projected on a whiteboard, then yelling, “Die,” art teacher Payal Modi’s actions have now been seen by countless viewers across the internet. When Adamson junior Leslie Jaimes saw a CBS11 news camera outside her school, she said she had something to say.

“Justice For Modi. That’s what I said,” Jaimes said.

Jaimes said she was in Modi’s second period class on Inauguration Day when her teacher pulled out the water gun she had taken from a student.

“Trump came out, and she shot at him, but like it was just a water gun. It’s no big deal,” Jaimes said.

Senior Briana Castillo said she sympathizes with the frustration she sees on display in the video, but said Modi crossed a line.

“Although her actions didn’t display that she was a good role model, she’s always there and supports my classmates, my peers,” Castillo said.

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