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Chances are looking good for Mitt Romney. Bookmakers have him at “even” for US Secretary of State

Donald Trump is quickly filling all the key positions in his administration, as inauguration day looms after the New Year.

The most coveted position of US Secretary of State is still open, as the world awaits to see the man or woman who will set the tone for America’s foreign policy agenda.

The race is seen as a three person run-off…Trump loyalist Rudy Giuliani, hardliner General David Patraeus, and ‘never-Trumper’ Mitt Romney.

Bookmakers are putting their money on the ‘never-Trumper’ to win.

Zerohedge reports

Several names have been tossed around, but according to the online Irish bookie, Paddy Power, Mitt Romney is the heavy favorite.

Of the top five names that have been rumored to be at the top of the list, David Patraeus is next in line behind Romney while Giuliani has fallen to the back of the line.  Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden made the board as long shots for those really looking to gamble.

The other coveted position of Homeland Security czar, has Paddy Power betting on Kris Korbach, the current Secretary of State of Kansas and counsel with the Immigration Law Reform Institute.


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