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Buzzfeed’s editor explains why his “fake news” is morally superior to other fake news stories

Watching Ben Smith, the editor of cat-listicle site Buzzfeed, squirm as he tries to pass off his “Hillary loving” gossip rag, as a viable news source is worth watching multiple times.

Thank you Tucker Carlson, for exposing the hypocrisy behind the liberal left’s toxic religious dogma.

Ben Smith tried to explain his decision to publish the clearly “fake news” dossier as journalistic in nature, when the world knows it was 100% politically motivated.

Smith pointed out that his decision to publish the dossier was justified by the fact that high-ranking US government officials were briefed about the document, and that this was no different than what Matt Drudge did by breaking the Monica Lewinsky story.

Big difference, Drudge’s story was true and rooted in fact. Buzzfeed’s story was clearly fake. Likewise, we are certain many scandalous documents have circulated around the offices of top US government officials implicating Obama and his family affairs, which were never published by the main stream media.

Carlson did not fall for the Smith lie, and explained that Buzzfeed might be “hiding behind” journalistic standards when, in fact, they were being partisan and clearly anti-Trump.

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