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BUSTED lying! Leaked emails shows Belgium ordered to vote Saudi Arabia into UN’s women’s rights commission

Last week The Duran reported on Belgium issuing an apology for voting Saudi Arabia into UN’s women’s rights commission.

We asked if it was a sincere apology, or just Belgium politicians placating a population disgusted with out of control corrupt cronyism?

Turns out it was neither.

In the end Belgium politicians are liars, who simply do not have the balls to admit that they are puppets of Saudi money.  The EU and NATO capital is as corrupt as any other country they so readily lecture about human rights, equality and “values”.

RT reports

Leaked emails show that the Belgian delegation was instructed in advance to vote for the appointment of Saudi Arabia to the UN Commission on the Status of Women (CSW), and to make sure its support was known to the Saudis, UN Watch reports.

The leaked documents, cited by Belgian news network 7sur7 and UN Watch, reveal that Belgian diplomats had been instructed to follow “clean slate” procedures and provide “support to the candidates for the various positions during the secret vote.”

Moreover, the cabinet of Belgian Foreign Minister Didier Reynders wanted the delegation to seek the opportunity “to inform the various candidates, including Saudi Arabia” about its support, despite the vote being secret.

According to internal emails leaked on Friday by the Green Party, the Belgian Ministry of Foreign Affairs was informed of the vote at the 45-member UN body far in advance, and at least nine hours passed before it replied. Information about the US-called vote on Saudi membership in the commission was sent at 12:33am, and the ministry replied at 3:34pm. Given possible delays, “at the very least” nine hours had passed, UN Watch reports.

This contradicts Belgium’s previous position, voiced by Prime Minister Charles Michel, that the delegation was caught unawares by the sudden vote, and did not have enough time to consult with Brussels. Michel publicly regretted the move.

The Belgian foreign minister also maintained that there had been some sort of miscommunication, as he said that he “personally” was not aware of the voting procedure underway.

The opposition Socialist Party called for his “eventual resignation” if it turned out that he “lied” about the decision to vote in favor of Saudi Arabia, according to Belgian newspaper Le Soir.

Twitter lit up with anger directed toward Belgium political class and Reynders in specific…

In a classic cowardice attempt to explain away the lie, Belgium FM Reynders began praising the opportunity to have a place for dialogue and debates with Saudi Arabia.

Many European countries with “European values” have defended the vote. Norway said that the UN internal procedures are “not public,” and Sweden pointed out that it is a confidential matter.

The UK and Ireland refused to disclose their decisions on Saudi Arabia’s membership. Take it for granted that all the above voted for Saudi Arabia to enter the UN’s women’s rights commission.

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