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Bush Presidents trash POTUS Trump, as globalist, warmonger class panics

George H.W. Bush confirms he voted for Hillary Clinton

Last week President George H.W. Bush, 93, had to publicly apologize for ‘sexually assaulting’ various women from his wheelchair.

Last week George W. Bush accused Trump of promoting “bigotry and white supremacy”, this coming from the US president that lied to the world, and killed hundreds of thousands (maybe millions) of people over a necon concocted scheme to reshape the Middle East.

Now the father and son act known as GHW and GW Bush are back blasting President Trump, calling him a “blowhard” and admitting that they supported “Crooked” Hillary…and why wouldn’t they, as the Bush and Clinton families are all part of the same globalist criminal club who between the two families have started illegal wars in Iraq, Serbia, Libya, Syria, and Iraq again.

Via Zerohedge

Two weeks after an outraged George W. Bush lashed out at Trump, accusing him of emboldening “bigotry and white supremacy“, on Saturday we learn just how deep the animosity toward Trump runs within the extended Bush household. In a new book to be released this month from historian Mark Updegrove, titled “The Last Republicans“, and previewed on Saturday by the NYT and CNN, former President George H.W. Bush said he considers Trump a “blowhard,” only interested in feeding his own “ego.” Meanwhile, his son, former President George W. Bush, thinks Trump fans public anger and came to office without any understanding of the job.

When asked about Donald Trump in May 2016, GHW Bush said: “I don’t like him … I don’t know much about him, but I know he’s a blowhard. And I’m not too excited about him being a leader.

His son was just as vocal: “Wow, this guy doesn’t know what it means to be president,” the junior Bush said, indicating that a president should not “exploit the anger, incite it” but rather “come up with ideas to deal with it.”

Which, of course, is easy for the Bushes to say: after all they – together with the Clinton and Obama administrations – spent over two decades laying the groundwork and building up the “anger” which resulted from the greatest social and political polarization and wealth inequality the US has ever seen. Perhaps the reality – as the election one year ago showed – is that the status quo simply no longer works. Perhaps… the Republican party is broken precisely due to the work of the two Bush presidents.

In any case, both former Bush presidents are worried that Mr. Trump has blown up a Republican Party that they spent two lifetimes building; Dubya also told Updegrove: “I’m worried that I will be the last Republican president.”

Ironically, author Updegrove told the NYT that “at the time, I think he was concerned that Hillary Clinton would win … But if you look at his values and those shared by his father and Ronald Reagan, they are very much in contrast to the values of the Republican Party today, in particular the platform that Donald Trump ran on.”

It should thus come as no shock that, as CNN reports: “George H.W. Bush confirmed that he voted for Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.” 

GHW Bush’s son, the idiot president that sold a fake Iraq war, said he voted for nobody:

“George W. Bush told Updegrove he left the top of the ballot blank. ‘I voted “None of the Above” for president, and Republican down ballot in 2016.'”

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