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BREAKING: US sends nuclear-capable bombers near North Korean coast in show of force (PHOTOS)

BREAKING: US sends nuclear-capable bombers near North Korean coast in show of force (PHOTOS)

The statement went on to read:

“Earlier today, US Air Force B-1 B Lancer bombers from Guam, along with US Air Force F-15C Eagle fighter escorts from Okinawa, Japan, flew in international airspace over waters east of North Korea … This mission is a demonstration of US resolve and clear message that the President [Donald Trump] has many military options to defeat any threat. North Korea’s weapons program is a grave threat to the Asia-Pacific region and the entire international community. We are prepared to use full range of military capabilities to defend the US homeland and our allies.”

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At the UN on Tuesday, US President Donald Trump said that he would “totally destroy” North Korea if the US was forced to defend itself or its allies. Earlier on Saturday, a magnitude 3.4 tremor was detected near North Korea’s nuclear test site, sparking fears that the country could have carried out another test. But experts and international nuclear test monitors said they believed it was a natural quake.

“This is the farthest north of the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) any U.S. fighter or bomber aircraft have flown off North Korea’s coast in the 21st century, underscoring the seriousness with which we take (North Korea’s) reckless behavior,” said White.

The DMZ is a small strip of land that separates North and South Korea at the 38th parallel. It was created after a cessation of hostilities in 1953, effectively ending the Korean War.

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Tom Welsh
Tom Welsh

Mr Trump apparently does not understand that, once a war is started, those who began it lose control of events. If he attacks North Korea, and if the war escalates to a nuclear exchange, it is likely that Russia and/or China will be drawn in.

If the USA carries out a nuclear strike on either Russia or China, it is the USA that will be completely destroyed. That may be hard to understand for a people who have not experienced foreign invasion for 200 years, and civil war for 150 years – but it will happen nonetheless.


Can things get any more stupid? How does flying bombers near N. Korea constitute a ‘show of force’? I don’t think it is a secret to anyone on the planet that the US has ICBM’s that can destroy N. Korea. Why would flying bombers nearby constitute any sort of threat beyond that one?


It’s not a show of force. North Korea has already experienced the destructive military force of the empire of chaos. This is a provocation pure and simple. They want North Korea to fire first.

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