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BREAKING: Turkey’s President Erdogan accuses US of financially supporting ISIS in Syria

According to Sputnik on Friday, Turkey, a NATO member, accused the US of financially supporting terrorists in Syria, specifically Daesh.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has claimed that US behavior in Syria is not in line with relations between allies. This news comes amid Turkey’s deepening distrust of the US and warming relations with Russia.

In Turkey, the US has picked a fight with a country not afraid to fight back

Erdogan has expressed deep disappointment over the US’ non-compliance with agreements reached. The Turkish president has accused Washington of sponsoring the Daesh terrorist group as well as failing to fulfill the promise to withdraw Syrian Kurdish forces from the Syrian regions liberated from Daesh militants.

Erdogan has repeatedly claimed that the US is supporting terrorists in Syria in the wake of Washington’s assistance to the Syrian Democratic Forces, which mostly consists of Kurdish fighters that Ankara accuses of being linked to the PKK (which Turkey considers a terrorist organization.)

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