BREAKING: Trump administration is ready to attend Syria crisis settlement talks in Kazakhstan

Obama, much to his embarrassment, has been shut out of the talks aiming to find a lasting solution in Syria. President-elect Trump is ready for diplomacy in Syria.

Perhaps the fact that Obama was funding and weaponizing ISIS, and Trump wants to destroy ISIS, plays a key role in this development.

Breaking news via Sputnik News

The administration of US President-elect Donald Trump will consider an official invitation to attend Syria crisis settlement talks in Kazakhstan but will not take part until it forms a vision on how to resolve the crisis, a source close to the administration told Sputnik on Tuesday.

The intra-Syrian negotiations are expected to be held next Monday, January 23, in Astana, followed by Geneva talks under UN auspices on February 8.

Here is what the source said…

“The Trump Administration will consider the invitation to negotiations in Astana after its official receipt, and will not participate in any negotiations until the formation of a clear US vision of a resolution to the Syrian crisis.”

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