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Pro-Assad alliance warns US military to stop attacking Syria or else face retaliation

Russia has condemned yesterday’s US attack on a convoy of Syrian Arab Army and allied forces in southern Syria.

The Duran reported

Russia criticised the United States for claiming that the Syrians encroached on a de-escalation zone when no such thing happened. In reality, the United States unilaterally decided to name one of it’s zones of occupation in southern Syria as a de-escalation   zone without approval of Syria or the Astana group whose responsibility it is to police and oversee the legitimate de-escalation zones in the country.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said the attack was,

“…an aggressive act, that violated the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the Syrian Arab Republic and – deliberately or not – targeted the forces which are most effective in fighting terrorists on the ground”.

Now, one day after American warplanes bombed forces in Syria fighting ISIS on the ground, the military alliance in support of Assad said it could hit U.S. positions in Syria, warning that its “self-restraint” over U.S. air strikes on government forces would end if Washington crossed “red lines”, according to Reuters.

The statement was issued in the name of the “commander of the operations room of the forces allied to Syria”, and was circulated by a military news unit run by Hezbollah, one of Assad’s military allies in Lebanon…

“America knows well that the blood of the sons of Syria, the Syrian Arab Army, and its allies is not cheap, and the capacity to strike their positions in Syria, and their surroundings, is available when circumstances will it.”

“Such attacks could be carried out with different missile and military systems, in the light of the deployment of American forces in the region”.

Zerohedge reports

The statement also warned that the silence of “the allies of Syria” thus far was not a sign of weakness but “an exercise in self-restraint” to allow for “other solutions”.

“This will not last if America goes further, and crosses the red lines,” it said.

The stark warning by Syria, the first of its kind, which was struck by a volley of ballistic missiles launched by the Trump administration in early April, marks an escalation of tensions between the United States and Iran-backed forces over control of Syria’s southeastern frontier with Iraq, where the United States has been training Syrian rebels at a base inside Syrian territory.

While Assad’s allies also include Iran and Russia, the statement did not spell out whether Moscow was a signatory to it Reuters added.

The US strike on Syrian forces came on the same day U.S. and coalition aircraft were busy supporting thousands of Syrian Arab and Kurdish forces assaulting the de-facto Islamic State capital of Raqqa, the terrorist group’s last urban stronghold in what is left of its “caliphate” in Iraq and Syria.

The Raqqa assault comes even as U.S. officials acknowledge that most of the Islamic State’s leadership has already fled the city for the more isolated Euphrates River valley running from the city east to the Iraqi border. But military planners have stuck with plans drawn up under the Obama administration and continued under President Donald Trump, predicated on the fall of Mosul and Raqqa before launching an effort to push the terror group out of the valley and Deir Ezzor province.

U.S. officials view the Iranian movement near al Tanf, in the extreme south of Syria, as a probing action to test the U.S.-trained forces there, and possibly act as a blocking force to prevent them from moving north to Deir Ezzor, according to FP. The Syrian regime wants to eventually retake the province, and Iran views the province and the river valley as a vital conduit to maintain influence from Iraq, through Syria and into Lebanon.

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