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BREAKING: North Korean claims to possess “advanced hydrogen bomb”

It was not previously thought that Pyongyang was in possession of such a weapon.

North Korea has announced that is has developed a functional advanced hydrogen bomb, the most powerful variety of nuclear weapon, which can be fitted atop North Korea’s existing arsenal of intercontinental ballistic missiles.

Photos have been released of North Korea’s leader, Kim Jong-Un inspecting the components of the weapon.

According to KCNA, North Korean weapons technologists “further upgraded its technical performance at a higher ultra-modern level on the basis of precious successes made in the first H-bomb test”.

Last week, North Korea fired a missile which flew over Japanese territory. The move was unanimously condemned by the United Nations Security Council.

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September 3, 2017

It seems to me, kind of a waste to use a missile to deliver a bomb that would fit in someone’s luggage.

Petri Krohn
Petri Krohn
September 3, 2017

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS OF THE PHOTOS – On the right is the lithium-deuteride secondary. – On the left, also inside the radiation case, the A-bomb primary. – The black box on the side of the primary is the ion source of the neutron generator. The primary is likely identical to the ‘miniaturized’ single-stage nuclear device demonstrated in 2016. The secondary has spherical symmetry like all known Soviet designs. In US bombs the secondary always has cylindrical symmetry. The neutron generator is triggered just before the implosion of the primary to create the one or two neutrons needed to start the chain… Read more »

Punisher 1
Punisher 1
September 3, 2017

I can’t understand the “shock” and “outrage” that the West pretends to have over the NK nuclear tests. Haven’t they been aware for years the NK’s had nuclear weapons. I have known it for years. But now they act all surprised like they just become aware of it and are “horrified”. Hypocrisy thick enough to cut with a knife.

September 3, 2017

PROPAGANDA…. There is 6 TRILLION dollars of gold ,uranium and other minerals in N. Korea…nothing will happen there The Black Nobility Families which run the planet who created WW1 and WW2 want to steal the resources like they did in Afghanistan,Iraq,Libya,Syria,Ukraine etc They are aware the game is over, and, as I’ve said, they want to unleash as much chaos and negativity as possible before they are gone. according to my intel…….. There is a possibility of a limited war in North Korea, but the purpose of this would be to . . . Actually, the regime in North Korea… Read more »

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