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BREAKING: Julian Assange disappears from Twitter on Christmas Day

BREAKING: Julian Assange disappears from Twitter on Christmas Day

In what may be described as a Christmas gift to the Deep State and liberal left, Twitter appears to have deleted the account of Wikileaks founder Julian Assange.

We stress the word “appears” because things are still a bit cloudy on what exactly happened to Assange’s account, as some outlets like liberal left SJW tech blog Gizmodo claim Assange deleted his own account.

Paul Joseph Watson at Infowars is waiting for Wikileaks to issue an official statement, noting that Assange’s mysterious “account deletion” happened “On Christmas no less!”…

Meanwhile other social media users point to a Twitter crackdown on any dissenting voices against liberal dogma and Deep State dictate….starting with the deletion of Assange.

With other, far more interesting social media outlets like, Assange will not be silenced, though we cannot confirm this is the real Assange on Gab.

This is without question a massive escalation in twitter’s ongoing war against free speech, as the once open social site continues to turn towards mass censorship in order to please its Deep State masters, and prove that it is nothing more than a liberal cuckold media bullhorn.

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