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BREAKING: Greek Coast Guard fires “warning shots” at Turkish Cargo Ship in Aegean Sea

News is coming in from the Turkish NTV channel that the Greek coast guard opened fire at a Turkish-flagged cargo ship in the Aegean Sea.

Greek media is stating that it fired “warning shots” at the vessel.

Turkish media oulets report that 16 to 36 bullet holes were counted on Turkish freighter.

Via Yeni Safak

A Greek Coast Guard opened fire on the M/V ACT Turkish-flagged freighter ship in the Aegean Sea on Monday.

The foreign ministry has stated that it was in contact with the relevant institutions.

Sami Kalkavan, the captain of the ship, told CNN Turk “The coast guard wanted immediate withdrawal of the ship from the Port of Lodos. We did not accept it, they wanted to do a control check but we did not accept this either. They said they would shoot if we didn’t stop, and they did as they said.”

“This is a route we have traveled through before. The bullets struck the freighter. The crew survived a great danger,” he added.


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