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BREAKING: Donald Trump Jr. sought advice from his dad Donald Trump

According to The Washington Post, US President Donald Trump advised his son with a statement which claimed Trump Jr. had met with Russian lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya to discuss adoption during his flight home, after attending the G20 summit in Germany.

US media is reporting that the statement prepared by father and son was “misleading”, as emails later released by Trump Jr., himself prove that Trump Jr., took the meeting after being suckered into it via an email from British pop music promoter Rob Goldstone, and being promised that the Russian lawyer has some information on Hillary Clinton.

The CIA, Jeff Bezos funded Washington Post reports…

Over the next three days, multiple accounts of the meeting were provided to the news media as public pressure mounted, with Trump Jr. ultimately acknowledging that he had accepted the meeting after receiving an email promising damaging information about Hillary Clinton as part of a Russian government effort to help his father’s campaign.

The extent of the president’s personal intervention in his son’s response, the details of which have not previously been reported, adds to a series of actions that Trump has taken that some advisers fear could place him and some members of his inner circle in legal jeopardy.

The meeting lasted 20 minutes, and Russian lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya was indeed interested in talking about adoption laws as related to the Magnitsky Act sanctions, but it appears baited Trump Jr., with Hillary intel in order to secure the meeting.

You need to scroll to the end of the WaPo article, to find an admission that nothing illegal was going on between Trump and his son.  The “anonymously sourced” story does however, somehow prove that Trump is hiding his close friendship with Kremlin insiders….how it does this, we are still trying to figure this out.

Although misleading the public or the news media is not a crime, advisers to Trump and his family told The Washington Post that they fear any indication that Trump was seeking to hide information about contacts between his campaign and Russians almost inevitably would draw additional scrutiny from Mueller.

Sputnik News Wire reports on the WaPo article…

On July 8, The New York Times newspaper cited the statement when reporting that the adoption program was the main issue discussed at the meeting. On the next day, however, the newspaper reported that the president’s son was initially promised potentially compromising information about then-Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

Donald Trump Jr. subsequently changed his account of the events, now claiming that during the meeting, Veselnitskaya told him that she processed information about Russian individuals supporting Clinton’s campaign. Only afterward did the lawyer turn to the subject of adopting Russian children, a practice which was ceased by a 2012 Russian law.

The president’s son said it became clear to him that “the claims of potentially helpful information were a pretext for the meeting.”

Mark Corallo, a spokesman for the president’s legal counsel, said that Trump was not present at his son’s meeting with Veselnitskaya or aware of it.

The Washington Post cited presidential aides expressing their concerns that the president’s participation in drafting the first statement might be interpreted as a conscious attempt to mislead the public. Advisers to Trump and his family reportedly told the newspaper that the president saw the investigation into his campaign’s alleged ties to Russia as a political problem rather than a legal trouble.

The US Department of Justice is conducting an ongoing investigation into the alleged ties of Trump’s presidential campaign with Russia. Former FBI Director Robert Mueller, appointed in May, is overseeing the investigation as a special counsel. The president has denied having ties with Russia.

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Keith Smith
Keith Smith
August 24, 2017

might be satire… reads like MSM…

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