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This body language expert says Assad is telling truth about Syria chemical weapons, while McMasters is lying

When the body talks, it rarely lies.

We may never really know what happened in Idlib, Syria on April 4th, ever since the United States decided to forgo an investigation and act as judge, jury and executioner with flimsy, if not outright false evidence.

The Duran has done an extensive amount of reporting, thoroughly debunking the entire chemical weapons incident in the Syrian province, most recently summed up in this excellent post.

Today we thought we would provide a different angle to the Assad-ISIS-chemical weapons debate, with video analysis from a body language expert.

This is not scientific by any means, and it is just the opinion of the body language expert breaking down the video footage below, which we have all studied by now, but…

If the body does indeed talk, then it says Assad is telling the truth and McMasters is not.

McMaster’s body language breakdown starts at the 7:49 minute mark…

The Duran readers: What say you?

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