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Bizarre White Helmets evacuation aims to cover up crimes committed by ISIS and Al Qaeda (Video)

The sudden White Helmets rescue operation uncovered the degree to which the powers behind the illegal and sinister regime change operation in Syria will go to cover their tracks…especially now that Assad is mopping up any remnants of jihadists in the south of the country.

On Sunday, the Israeli military evacuated a number of White Helmet members and their families from Syria to Jordan.

According to the country’s authorities, the initial plan involved the evacuation of 800 people, but only 422 jihadists made it to Jordan.

The Syrian government condemned the evacuation, saying that the “criminal operation” to rescue the White Helmets is further proof of Israel’s support towards terrorists.

Syria has accused Tel Aviv of tending to injured Syrian militants, distributing “humanitarian aid” to militant-controlled areas and repeatedly attacking Syria’s government troops over alleged Iranian military buildup.

The evacuated members of the White Helmets are expected to be resettled in Canada, Germany, the UK and the United States.

Russia’s Foreign Ministry said said that the pullout of the White Helmets from Syria, carried out by Israel on the US’ and Canada’s request, reveals “true colors and hypocrisy” of the controversial group, showing who actually controls it.

The Duran’s Alex Christoforou and International Affairs and Security Analyst, from Moscow, Mark Sleboda discuss the overnight evacuation of the jihadist White Helmets group, and what this means for the winding down war in Syria.

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Via RT

The rescue operation, which emerged Sunday, “speaks for itself” and clearly shows who exactly the group serves, the ministry said in a statement on Monday, calling its members “pseudo-humanitarians.” Some 422 of them were picked by the Israeli military and transferred to Jordan after the evacuation was requested by the US, Canada and some European countries. It has emerged that a total of 800 people were expected to be pulled out initially.

The White Helmets group has advertised itself as a volunteer force and Syria’s “civil defense.” The group has been praised in the West, even receiving an Oscar for a “documentary” movie, yet it has been repeatedly accused of cooperating closely with jihadist groups and effectively serving as their media branch.

“It’s well known, that the White Helmets had their hand in the most notorious false flag operations during the Syrian conflict. They acted exclusively on territories under the control of Islamic radicals, staged blatant falsifications, which were used then as a pretext to raise accusations against the Syrian authorities,” the ministry stated.

The evacuated White Helmets are now expected to be resettled in a number of Western countries, namely Canada, Germany, France and some others. The US, while welcoming the evacuation of White Helmets in a statement penned by the State Department, didn’t seem to be in a rush to welcome its members on its soil.

“It’s symbolic that the White Helmets preferred to flee Syria with foreign assistance, showing their true colors and hypocrisy to the world,” the ministry said, adding that the “evacuation” of the White Helmets “clearly showed whose orders they were carrying out, and who pay-rolled them.”

Syria’s Grand Mufti, Ahmad Badreddin Hassoun, blasted the move, saying that Russia and Syria must hunt down and prosecute members of the White Helmets for “war crimes.”  RT reports…

“These people are not refugees. They are war criminals. I’d like to ask the governments of our two countries [Syria and Russia] to pursue the members of the White Helmets group. To find them anywhere they might be,” Grand Mufti Ahmad Badreddin Hassoun said on Monday. Hassoun was meeting families of five Russian servicemen, who were killed while fighting terrorists in Syria. The relatives of the fallen soldiers were invited to visit Syria by President Bashar Assad.

Hassoun branded the White Helmets group “terrorists” and squarely blamed them for the use of chemical weapons against civilians. While the White Helmets advertise themselves as a humanitarian group and Syria’s “civil defense” they operate exclusively in militant controlled areas. The group, praised in the West as “rescuers” has been repeatedly accused of closely cooperating with terrorists and staging chemical attacks to frame Syria’s government.

“We’d like to ask why they are not fleeing to Syria, why they don’t want to return to the Syrian society? There’s only one answer – they are the force, which the West counted on to destroy the Syrian society,” he stressed.

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AM Hants
AM Hants
September 5, 2018

Talking of the White Helmets, has anybody seen the latest, on how they wish to topple President Assad? To try and kidnap him on his travels and send him to The Hague. Remember, it worked for Slobodan Milošević. Locked up for 11 years, in a Rothschild cell, in Rothschild’s Hague, where he died. He was exonerated of all charges against, not that long ago. Funny, how the MSM never reported that? Breaking: The Hunt for Assad Begins, as Israel Presses War Crime Charges The Kidnapping of Assad is in the works, Israel, NATO and the ICC at the Hague and… Read more »

AM Hants
AM Hants
September 5, 2018

Off topic, but, the UN does support the White Helmets. So what would happen to the UN, should they run out of funds?

UN Chief Fears “Brush With Bankruptcy”, Urges Members To Send Cash…

Mel Carbon
Mel Carbon
September 5, 2018

Who know where the truth lies….

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