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Billionaire couple linked to Clinton Foundation Haiti “relief” were murdered in their home (Video)

A professional contract killing.

Two deaths were reported at the home of Canadian billionaire Barry Sherman and his wife Honey on Dec. 15th 2017.

Toronto police said their deaths are being treated as suspicious.

The Gateway Pundit has an update on the story, reporting that Canadian officials announced on Friday that the billionaires Barry and Honey Sherman were murdered in their home in December.

For the past month officials called their deaths a murder-suicide. The couple was found strangled in their Toronto home.

Haaretz is reporting it was a professional contract killing.

The New York Post reports…

The billionaire husband and wife found hanging side-by-side in their posh Toronto home last month were both murdered, according to a bombshell report citing a team of private investigators on Saturday.

Multiple killers played a role in the deaths of Barry and Honey Sherman — contrary to the widely-circulated murder-suicide theory initially leaked by law enforcement, sources told CBC News, citing a parallel probe by a team of investigators hired by the couple’s family.

A real estate agent who was selling the $5.4 million home had discovered pharmaceutical mogul Barry, 75, and Honey, 70, dead on Dec. 15.

The Gateway Pundit further reports that Barry Sherman founded Apotex pharmaceutical company. Apotex supplied generic drugs to the Clinton foundation in Haiti and Rwanda.

Apotex also donated medicines and supplies to Clinton Foundation Puerto Rican relief efforts in 2017.

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steve grant
steve grant
March 11, 2019

Nothing to see here…..move on.
As ALWAYS, nothing will come of it…..the fix is in.

April 5, 2020

What do I think? I think these two murdered people are unfortunate to be added to the long list of mysterious murders, suicides, accidents, etc. of many people associated with Bill and Hillary Clinton — currently a list of more than 50 people. Let me ask a question: How many people do YOU know well who have committed suicide, been murdered or have died of an accident? I’ve known one or two who have died of an accident. None by murder, none by suicide.

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