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Bienvenidos Señor Trump. The Don lands in Mexico

Donald Trump will be in Mexico on Wednesday in his first visit as the Republican nominee to meet with a world leader.

Remember Mexico’s President Peña Nieto publicly insulted Trump and criticized his immigration and border policies. Now they will be meeting to discuss immigration and perhaps “the wall.”

All of this takes place in the build-up to Trump’s speech in Arizona on Wednesday night where the Republican nominee will make a big policy speech on immigration.

The reason that there is no US flag on the podium where Donald Trump and Enrique Peña Nieto will speak is because Trump is not officially representing the US government during this visit.

White House press secretary Josh Earnest commented on Donald Trump’s visit:

“It is not uncommon, of course, for leading presidential candidates to make overseas trips. One of the highlights was a trip to Germany, where the president spoke in Berlin to a crowd of about 100,000 Germans who warmly received him and enthusiastically cheered his speech. We’ll see if Mr. Trump is similarly received.”

The media in Mexico is waiting for Mr. Trump as if he were the US President.

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