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Bernie Sanders squirms on video when asked about the Clinton Foundation pay-to-play

Bernie Sanders has zero credibility.

He proved himself to be a feckless and weak leader who hustled an entire generation of millennials into believing a vision that he turned his back on in a matter of seconds.

Bernie built a campaign on change, bashing Wall Street opulence and vowing to take down the 1% establishment…only to pitifully bow down to Hillary Clinton in front of the whole world during the DNC.

Sanders not only kissed the a$$ of the candidate who stole the election right from under him, but he aligned with the ultimate establishment 1%’er, a woman so in bed with Wall Street bankers that Goldman Sachs is considering a name change to Goldman Hillary Sachs.

In this RT America interview by Ed Schultz, listening to Bernie Sanders try to goad American millennials to vote for Clinton is not only pathetic, it is insulting…but the best part of the interview (after hearing Sanders ramble on about why Trump is a bigot and Saudi puppet Hillary is all for equality) is when Shultz zings Sanders by asking him…

ED: Any thoughts on the debate last night?

BS: We were running around and we did not really have a chance to see it.

ED: Any thoughts on the emails that have come up that talk about that Clinton “pay to play”?

BS: No, not right now.

If not now, then when Bernie?

Ed Schultz: What effect do you think you can have on your voters? It was so close here in Iowa?

Bernie Sanders: I just hope that people have a hard look at the real issues impacting their lives. The middle class, I think, if they do that the choice is going to be very clear on every issue – raising the minimum wage, pay equity for women, rebuilding our crumbling infrastructure, opposition to the TPP and running the campaign not based on bigotry. We cannot elect a president whose cornerstone – the cornerstone of his campaign – is based on bigotry.ED: We have had some people here tell us that they are going to vote for Hillary because you’ve asked them to.

BS: I want people to vote their own consciousness, but I think that this is an enormously important election. I think that Donald Trump would be a disaster for this country. If you look at the issues that impact ordinary people, whether it is raising the minimum wage, whether they pay equities, whether it is rebuilding our infrastructure, whether it is expanding health care, whether it is making public colleges and universities tuition-free. Those are important issues and there is no question on my mind that Clinton is far in the way the superior candidate. On the other hand, what we have to say is do we want to elect the president like Trump, whose cornerstone of his campaign on bigotry, is on dividing us up; a candidate who attacks and humiliates women every day. I don’t think it is the kind of candidate that we want to elect as president.

ED: Is it hard for you, Senator?

BS: Look, I got seven grandchildren, I got four kids. I do not want them growing up under a Trump presidency, so for me it is not hard. If the question is what I’d rather run for president today, yes, I would have, but I lost and I’m going to do my best to make sure that Hillary Clinton is elected president.


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