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Bernie Refuses to Drop Out of Campaign, Wants Concessions From DNC

Bernie Sanders will not go quietly into the night…that is until he gets some concessions from the Democratic Party.

Fighting off pressure from his colleagues in the Senate, liberal media outlets, and Democratic party officials Bernie has decided that he will “keep promoting the tenets of his platform: curbing big money in politics, reducing income inequality and raising taxes to make health care a universal entitlement.”

Sanders is not living in a dream world where he still believes he can win the party’s nomination come convention time…that is unless a sudden indictment were to happen. Bernie has other plans going forward, which include and an overhaul of the Democratic National Committee leadership and its rules, which he has repeatedly stated favored Hillary Clinton.

At a news conference in Washington, Sanders said, “The time is long overdue for a fundamental transformation of the Democratic Party.”

This overhaul would include:

  • Replacing the Democratic National Committee leadership
  • Requiring all primaries to be open to independents and Republicans
  • Doing away with the superdelegates that were so important for the Clinton machine.

Zerohedge reports

Needless to say, Bernie’s demands for replacement of the DNC leadership will be soundly ignored. He has been feuding with Florida Representative Debbi Wasserman Schultz, the head of the DNC, for much of the campaign over rules and schedules that he says have put him at a disadvantage. But, as Bloomberg reminds us, President Barack Obama, who nominated Wasserman Schultz to the post, gave her a ringing endorsement in March and she’s been a loyal Clinton ally.

Meanwhile, other democrats are unhappy that Sanders will soldier on, in the process focusing attention on HIllary’s crony political activities, and potentially diluting her potential voters. Sanders arrived in the U.S. capital on Tuesday morning for the weekly caucus lunch of Senate Democrats, many of whom have expressed their unease with Sanders’s refusal to end his campaign before the convention. “No, it’s not helpful,” West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin said when asked about the Vermont senator’s stance. Pennsylvania Senator Bob Casey said Democrats need to be unified going into the convention. But he added that Sanders ultimately “can, I think, and will play a constructive role in making sure Secretary Clinton wins.”

Still, in order to show a semi-united front, at the luncheon Sanders received a standing ovation from the Democratic senators. He discussed his plans to make it easier for voters to register and participate, as well as to make clear to young people that they’re welcome in the Democratic Party, Senator Tom Carper of Delaware said. After all, these are the same voters that Hillary is now actively courting and the Democratic establishment can not demonstrate disdain towards them.

Despite his admirable enthusiasm, Sanders hasn’t yet worked out the details of what he’ll be doing before the convention. He announced in an e-mail to supporters Tuesday that he will detail his plans on Thursday at 8:30 p.m. New York time in a live online video.

“We’re meeting with Secretary Clinton this evening and we’ll see how that goes and where things stand after that and make some decision about the future based on more intelligence about where we’re going,” Briggs said.

The most likely outcome, however, will be to try to harness Sanders’ anger and direct it at Trump instead of Hillary.

One thing is certain: Bernie will be with us for at least another two days. Sanders won’t drop out “today, tomorrow, or the next day,” campaign spokesman Michael Briggs said Tuesday.


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