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Bernie Branded “Sell Out”. Social Media Erupts At Hillary Endorsement

Bernie of Bust supporters are visibly upset at his endorsement of Hillary Clinton…



Speaking in New Hampshire Tuesday, the Vermont senator thanked the 13 million people who voted for him during the primaries and then proclaimed:

“It is not enough to win the nomination.”

“Hillary Clinton goes into the convention with a lot more delegates. Secretary Clinton has won the Democratic nominating process. And I congratulate her.”

“She will be the Democratic nominee for president. I intend to do everything I can to make sure she is the next president of the United States.”

The day that “Bernie or Bust” supporters feared had arrived. Sanders is backing Hillary Clinton for president. Social media erupted with disbelief, disgust, and some liberals joyous that Bernie is now teaming up with the Clinton machine.



Many Bernie Sanders fans made it clear that they are not ready to support Hillary. Bernie fans are visibly “Berned”, while Hillary in all her glory and arrogance proclaimed, “we are stronger together.” 

It was not all bitter in Bernie world. Some folks are still a bit delusional, thinking that Hillary Clinton is going to be a good President of the United States…email scandals, illegal wars, slush fund foundations seem irrelevant. The feelz that voting a women into office trump everything.

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