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Benjamin Netanyahu giddy as a school boy over Trump’s decision on Iran (Video)

Benjamin Netanyahu giddy as a school boy over Trump’s decision on Iran (Video)

When POTUS Trump announcement that his administration will not re-certify Obama’s nuclear deal with Iran, the US president made lots of people very happy.

Neocons were celebrating. Saudi Arabia praised the decision. Fox News went on the offensive, pushing for tough sanctions on Iran, for violating the “spirit” of the agreement.

We are certain somewhere in a CIA camp in the Middle East, Al Qaeda jihadists were happy to see some pressure placed on the country currently working towards exterminating their radical ideology.

No one was happier with Trump’s decision than Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who joined Maria Bartiromo Sunday morning on Fox News to express his gratitude to US President Trump.

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Netanyahu reminded Maria that the region’s Arab States (liberal democracies like Saudi Arabia and UAE) also support President Trump’s decision to decertify the Iranian nuclear deal.

PM Netanyahu: When Israel and the Arab States agree on something you all should pay attention. I think this is an historic moment.

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Only the two largest terrorist nations on earth, Israel and the USA, are allowed to threaten the world with nuclear weapons. Those are the rules.

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