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Beautiful and talented, Darya Klishina is western propaganda’s worst Olympic nightmare

The Duran’s Alexander Mercouris recently broke the news that Russian track and field star Darya Klishina has won her appeal, and will compete in Rio.

The Duran reported…

The Court of Arbitration for Sport (“CAS”) has upheld Darya Klishina’s appeal against the decision of the IAAF to ban her from competing in the Rio Olympic Games. Following the CAS Judgment the IAAF confirmed that Klishina is cleared to compete in the Rio Olympic Games, making her the only Russian track and field athlete to be permitted to do so.

The CAS hearing confirmed that the “new information” that led to the IAAF decision to ban Klishina came from (as suspected) from WADA and McLaren. Apparently this “new information” concerned claims of evidence that some of Klishina’s drug test samples since 1st January 2014 had been subject to “tampering”. CAS nonetheless ruled that Klishina had.
This spiteful episode has backfired on Professor McLaren, on the IAAF and on WADA, whose attempt to ban Klishina at the last moment is exposed as based on improper grounds. Their already tattered credibility is further damaged as they have provided further proof of the essentially political anti-Russian agenda they have been following.

Klishina refused to accept McLaren’s last minute bullying, and took her case to The Court of Arbitration for Sport.

Western powers wanted her to compete under a “neutral” flag, a request that was struck down by the IOC.

Klishina, to her credit, refused to speak poorly of her teammates, issuing few and measured statements throughout the entire team Russia witch hunt.

The Duran reported last week, when WADJA and the IAAF suddenly banned her from the Rio Games…

WADA and the IAAF had previously demanded that any Russian athletes allowed to compete in Rio should do so not under the Russian flag but as neutrals. The IOC to its great credit has consistently resisted this truly outrageous proposal, which would have meant requiring Russian athletes to deny their own country and their own nationality as the price of competing in the Rio Games.

WADA and the IAAF however insisted that Klishina submit to this outrageous proposal as a condition for competing in the Rio Olympics despite the special dispensation she was granted. I would not be surprised if the real reason she has now been banned is because she refused to submit to this proposal despite the IOC rejecting it, and has never spoken out in public against her Russian fellow athletes or said that she agrees with the collective ban imposed on them. If that is so then it only shows how ugly and spiteful this whole affair has become.

Darya Klishina will compete in Rio…and when the world sees her athletic talent coupled with her stunning beauty, the western main stream media’s demonisation of team Russia will be struck a serious blow.




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