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Beautiful Rome has devolved into a city plagued by migrant chaos (Video)

Rome is burning…this time it’s by refugees.

EU prosperity visualized. Migrants have turned central Rome into a chaotic mess.

From austerity to migrant quotas…Angela Merkel’s “innovative” EU initiatives are transforming beautiful cities, and proud nations, into unrecognizable, ungovernable, neo-liberal slums. reports…

Police in Rome evicted 100s of refugees that had occupied Piazza Independenza just one block from the country’s main train station.

The squatters were defiant so local police used water cannons and batons in the forceful eviction.

Here is video of hundreds of refugees clashing with police in downtown Rome.

Reuters reports

Dozens of refugees on Monday protested their eviction from a central Rome office building where they had been squatting for years in the latest example of tension as authorities deal with an influx of migrants.

Some 800 people lived in the six-storey building a block from the capital’s main train station for five years until they were booted out by police early on Saturday. They have since camped outside hoping the city will find them a new home.

More than 600,000 boat migrants have arrived in Italy from North Africa since 2014. Since the European Union struck a deal with Turkey last year to curb the Balkan route, Italy has again become the main route for migrants headed to Europe. Some 200,000 asylum seekers now stay in state-run shelters.

With no place to go after Saturday’s evictions, hundreds slept on the ground in the square in front of the building with their belongings packed in trash bags and suitcases.

On Monday, police accompanied some of the former inhabitants — most of whom are Eritrean and have been granted asylum — to collect things left behind, including TVs and clothes. A banner outside read: “We are refugees, not terrorists.”

Voice of Europe sums up the situation in Rome (and Athens, and Madrid…) best:

This is Rome, Italy. Once the most civilised place on earth.

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