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Bad month for Huma Abedin. Hillary Clinton’s top aide breaks down in NYC streets

She was the number 2 for the most corrupt politician to ever run for the US Presidency.

Her husband was caught sexting women for a second time, including sexting an underage girl.

Her emails, found on the laptop of her sexting husband, helped bring down the Clinton crime machine.

Huma Abedin had a very bad month, and The Daily Mail UK sums it up…

– Hillary Clinton’s closest aide Huma Abedin wept in the street as she approached the failed campaign’s headquarters in Brooklyn

– The FBI investigation into her pervert estranged husband Anthony Weiner is being cited as one of the reasons for her boss losing – it led to the Clinton email investigation being re-opened

– It is unclear what Abedin, 40, will do now that her boss’s political career is over; she has never worked for anyone else

– Abedin made the phonecall to Trump’s aide Kellyann Conway in which Clinton conceded to the President-elect – minutes after her cmapaign chairman had suggested there would be no concession

– She declared her marriage to serial sexter Weiner over when he sent sexual picture of himself in bed alongside their son to a woman in her 40s – then revealed his sexts to a girl, 15

Huma is hurting. The bigger they are the harder they fall. Huma is still not out of the woods. The FBI may very well indict her once the Trump presidency begins in January. The Daily Mail continues…

Abedin looked like she had the weight of the world on her shoulders as she visited the campaign headquarters of the failed presidential candidate – after her own stumbles and her husband’s sexting habits helped contribute to Clinton’s historic defeat.

Abedin ventured out of her Manhattan apartment and went to the office three days after President-elect Donald Trump shocked the world by defeating Clinton.

She approached the tall building with stunning views which had until Tuesday been filled with staff an volunteers carrying a bag and a purse.

The pain and emotion of the situation were clearly visible on the face of the long-time loyalist, despite the dark large-frame sunglasses that covered her eyes.




Zerohedge reports

While most of the attention in the past week has been on Hillary Clinton, and her reaction to the “shocking” election outcome, the reality is that Hillary’s life is set with or without the presidency, and absent some major FBI-related escalation, she will live a comfortable life after her separation from politics courtesy of the millions in fees collected from speeches and the money dumped into the Clinton Foundation (whose donors may now demand refunds, as the Clintons no longer have any political favors to repay).

However, one other person who has been far more severely impacted is Hillary’s close, right-hand aide, Huma Abedin, whose estranged husband many – including John Podesta himself – claim was the catalyst that caused Hillary’s sudden drop in the polls in the week prior to the election, and may have cost Clinton the presidency. Worse, with her boss now out of politics, Huma suddenly finds herself in a dead-end career, with few accomplishments outside of the Clinton campaign to point to, a looming divorce and a potential criminal probe.

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