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Author Ann Coulter confirms, Donald Trump’s victory was all about “globalism vs. nationality.” [Video]

Bestselling author and early Trump supporter Ann Coulter was on ‘Good Morning Britain’ right after Donald Trump shocked the world with his US Presidential election landslide victory.

Here is how Coulter viewed the election results, and the motivation behind America’s choice to do away with the globalist elite that have run the country into the ground…

“Apparently, humans around the globe like to have countries. And like to live in their countries.”

“It was entirely predictable, that’s why lots of us did predict it.”

“It is all part of the same thing, which is globalism vs. nationality.”

“Part of the trade deals are very important. We’ve lost our– the number of manufacturing jobs has been halved in the past 20 years. People don’t know in this beautiful city. They don’t know in San Francisco. Or Washington or L.A. Go out to America. These people used to have great jobs and their kids could look forward to futures better than theirs. Now, it is good for Wall Street, because they get to arrange the international deals, but it is terrible for the people who live here. And dumping millions of unskilled workers on the country: Look at how awful it has been for the African-American community in this country. Trump is going to change the country.”

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