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Assange tweets Jimmy Dore video referencing Seth Rich as source of DNC leaks (Video)

An analysis video of Jimmy Dore, which hints at Seth Rich being Wikileaks source.

Wikileaks founder Julian Assange called a video by Jimmy Dore “Brilliant!”

The video features a short segment where Assange discusses Seth Rich’s murder in relation to the risks his Wikileaks sources take.

Assange praises the video that discusses his own hints about Seth Rich being a source for Wikileaks…specifically the source of the DNC leaks.

The Gateway Pundit notes that Robert Mueller, who leads the anti-Trump Russia collusion investigation, has yet to interview Julian Assange who is the ONE PERSON who knows who gave Wikileaks the Clinton emails.

The Seth Rich murder to date has not been solved.

Here is the video that Assange references in his tweet, as compiled by YouTube channel “Bullshit Man“…

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