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Assad: “White Helmets are al-Qaeda, they’re al-Qaeda members and that’s proven on the net”

The Duran has reported extensively on the real identity of The White Helmets.

Massive amounts of evidence exposes the White Helmets as US/UK government funded Al Qaeda-ISIS terrorists, disguised as humanitarian heroes.

Syrian President Bashar Assad told Russian reporters that the White Helmets are a non-governmental organization, who are supporters of Al-Qaeda.

Assad also mentioned that the group won an Oscar, but forgot to note that George Clooney is ready to make a feature film honoring the ISIS/Al-Qaeda jihadists.

“White Helmets are al-Qaeda, they’re al-Qaeda members and that’s proven on the net.”

“The same members are killing or executing or celebrating over dead bodies, at the same time they are humanitarian heroes, and now they have an Oscar as you know.”

If any doubts still exist about who the White Helmets are, just watch this CrossTalk…

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