Assad must go! Who must go Monsieur François? French President Hollande gone. Assad stays

Oh the irony of it all. Who will remain President of their country in the foreseeable future?

Hint: It won’t be France’s Hollande.

French President François Hollande said on Thursday he would not seek re-election next year, bowing to historically low approval ratings after a troubled term in power.

“I have decided that I will not be a candidate,” a defeated and embarrassed Hollande said in a televised statement from the Élysée Palace in Paris.

Hollande was one of the major forces in the western power’s push for Assad’s removal, reinforcing the mantra “Assad must go.”

With a 4% approval rating, Hollande was a complete and utter disaster at home.

Internationally, Hollande supported neo-nazi’s in Ukraine and EU sanctions against Russia. He flooded his nation with poorly vetted refugees, and propped up ISIS in Syria…in a bid to overthrow Syrian President Assad.

Assad, and the recognized government in Syria, is all but assured to to destroy ISIS/Al Qaeda in Aleppo, sealing a decisive victory, in a step towards ending the US-Wahhabi regime chain operation unleashed on the people of Syria approximately six years ago.

Who must go Monsieur François?


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