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Arkady Babachenko ruse turns into embarrassment for Ukraine (Video)

Alexander Mercouris in London: Sounds off on the ridiculous “fake murder” of Arkady Babachenko.

Russian journalist Arkady Babachenko was reported to have been killed Kiev, only to turn up alive a day later…in what can only be summed up as a “Pink Panther-like” ruse to weed out those nasty Russian assassins.

According to Zerohedge (, the Ukrainian security services had feigned his death to get hold of those who had really wanted to kill Babachenko. The Journalist had immigrated to Ukraine after multiple threats against him and his family.

Babachenko fled to Ukraine in February 2017 after he says he received threats and could be arrested following his work as a presenter for Ukraine’s ATR TV. He has been one of Russia’s most recognizable war correspondents, and has spoken out about Russia’s actions in Syria and Ukraine in recent years.

Following his “death,” Ukrainian officials confirmed Babachenko had been shot and said it was believed he had been targeted due to his work as an anti-Putin journalist. Ukrainian lawmaker Anton Gerashchneko told the BBC that the killer waited for Babachenkon near his Kiev apartment and then shot him from behind.

When Arkady opened the door of his flat, the killer cowardly shot him in the back, firing several shots,” wrote Gerashchneko on Facebook – however it is unclear if he knew about the ruse. He added that investigators were looking into “Russian spy agencies” as “Putin’s regime takes aim at people whom it’s impossible to break or intimidate.”

A neighbor told local media that the assassin had probably used a silencer, since they didn’t hear any shots.

The reaction to Babachenko’s assassination was to condemn Russia.

When Babachenko turned up alive and well, Ukraine’s gamble to incite international rage against Russia boomeranged back at Kiev, as governments and media worldwide condemned Ukraine’s ridiculous charade, embarrassing the Poroshenko government for having thought up such a stupid and disgusting idea.

“The suspect”…

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