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Anti-Google artwork pops up all over the streets of Los Angeles (Video + Photos)

Last week, Google fired senior software developer James Damore after he circulated a memo on the basic biological (and logical) differences between the male and female genders and how these differences affect Google.

The memo went viral and feminists snowflakes went ballistic upon learning that the two sexes have some fundamental differences that no amount of PC talk will make go away…and Damore was fired for his heresy.

According to The Gateway Pundit, anti-Google street art by SABO has since appeared in Los Angeles, showing the late Apple founder and CEO Steve Jobs’ face above its “think different” slogan against Google’s CEO Sundar Pichai picture that reads “Not So Much.” Another street art piece shows the Apple logo with the phrase “get hired” and a Google logo with “get fired” next to it.

SABO provided high-resolution photos of the anti-Google street art to The Gateway Pundit.

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